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UNIQ Style Tips

Planning is vital – if you are to spend your money wisely and not make costly mistakes – Think about the overall look, style and feel that you are going for. *Think about scale – if you have a large room, then go for larger patterns as they will feel more to scale in…

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A breakdown of different styles – Part 2

A breakdown of different styles We look at the next set of decorating designs for your home. Part 2:   Country A rustic elegance is characteristic of this look. Some country looks are marked by extensive use of white wood paneling and soft floral patterns, muted hues and pops of red, black or pure white…

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UNIQ Decorating secrets

Some UNIQ Decorating secrets. 1. Mix Design Styles Don’t be afraid to use basic humble materials with more luxurious ones. An antique table with new vinyl chairs is a perfect example. 2. Group Artwork Together Grouping framed artwork will create a lasting impression. Hang six smaller artworks together and create a single large focal point….

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