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UNIQ Lights and Home

69 Kramer Road




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October 26, 2017

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UNIQ Style Tips

October 26, 2017



* Planning is vital – if you are to spend your money wisely and not make costly mistakes – Think about the overall look, style and feel that you are going for.


*Think about scale – if you have a large room, then go for larger patterns as they will feel more to scale in the space – smaller patterns can work well as accents but not on main walls as they will feel too busy etc….


*If you are scared or simply don’t like that much colour in your home, try and play with different textures and fabrics instead – as this will create just as much interest – neutrals don’t have to be boring.


*When decorating, try and use about 70% of a main colour, 20% of a secondary colour, and 10% as an accent colour, and this will create a great scheme for you (don’t forget as well that flooring and furniture has colour too!). For instance, use a cream on your walls as the main colour (maybe a cream cushion or two as well!), dark brown sofas for the secondary colour, and green plants/cushions and accessories as your accent colour.


*If you like to change your scheme as you get bored after a couple of years, invest in neutral larger products (sofa, curtains etc..) as these cost more to replace, and add in the colour with cushions, rugs, throws, accessories and artwork – that way you won’t spend a fortune on updates.


Feel free to come visit us and chat about your ideas we are more than happy to assist.

69 Kramer Road Kramerville

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