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UNIQ Lights and Home

69 Kramer Road




011 262 2779

082 346 6288




Our Story

UNIQ Lights and Home is the world's elite decorative lighting designer and manufacturer.

With extensive boutique ranges of elegant chandeliers, pendants, ceiling lights, wall lights, table lamps, floor lamps and ornaments, lighting is no longer just a functional item.

UNIQ Lights and Home also supplies to major five star hotels worldwide with top quality furniture.

Our Brand

UNIQ is a brand that associates with boutiques, five star hotels and exclusive designed homes worldwide.

Every product of UNIQ Lights and Home is exclusively designed and hand made of the highest quality.

The extensive range of the UNIQ Lights and Home product is regularly updated with new designs and the latest trend.

UNIQ Lights and Home is a preferred brand by top international architects, interior designers and decorators worldwide.